Information Security Examinations

Forensics Investigations

Altal provides inspection and analysis services for: private and company computers, open and closed networks, network equipment, and searches for past intrusion attempts. Our expertise ranges from performing data recovery services such as copying and preservation of evidence to analyzing system logs in order to gain a clear understanding of the different uses made on the system during the timed testing period.

Penetration Testing

Altal offers unique methods of evaluating the security of a computer system or network segment by simulating an attack from a malicious source. The penetration testing can be performed externally on the organization/network or internally, based partially on known tools and on Altal's proprietary code.

Risk Assessment

Altal assesses the risks and exposures of the organization's information and/or exposure of raw traffic in a network segment based on information security test results and a predefined security ranking. This process enables your company to understand risks regarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your company's information and information systems. The process also includes identifying and a valuation of assets, and analyzing these assets in relations to potential threats and vulnerabilities.


This process includes a set of actions to fix known and found vulnerabilities in order to prevent immediate information leakages. This usually includes the reconfiguration of systems, hole patching, updating and upgrading modules, and implementing proactive security methods.

Code Review

Code review consists of systematically examining a computer/firmware's source code in an effort to find and fix mistakes overlooked in the initial development phase. Code review improves both the software's overall quality and the developer's skills. The process uses open-source designated software, licensed software and Altal's proprietary applications and methodologies. Code review can be performed in three different ways: automated, semi-automated or manually.

Training and Guidance

Training sessions increase a company employee and executive awareness on all information security issues. Altal offers training sessions on: Information Security Incident Response, Information Security Defensive Methodologies, Secured Development, Proactive Security, Backup Plan Construction, Disaster Recovery Program (DRP), and Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Advanced Courses

Altal also offers advanced courses on Reversing Techniques, Advanced Exploitation, Information Gathering Techniques, Malicious Writing and Discovery of Malicious Software on WIN, Linux, Unix operating systems, Spyware and Backdoors Detection, and Root Kit Exposure.

Expert Opinion

Our company has vast experience in writing professional opinions for organizations and governmental institutions in favor of court litigation proceedings for any kind of security related fields.

Opinion Forming Methodology

Altal focuses on achieving effective results. Before composing a comprehensive report, Altal expert conducts extensive fieldwork and research, such as putting himself in the shoes of technology personnel and seeking opinions in order to best understand and assimilate the technology.

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