Network Equipment Certification

Equipment Certification for Network Equipment Vendors

Altal also provides unique services to pre-certify network equipment for on site locations (vendors' facilities) before live network implementation. The certification process includes common procedures accordance to known standards and is adjusted in some cases to be stricter and comply with particular regulatory requirements.

Product Information gathering and analysis

Its purpose is to pre-define potential theoretic vulnerabilities of the examined products. The gathered information will also include reports of known information security incidents and raw output of past performed tests.

Product Audit

Deep examination of network product in physical and technological manners including:

  1. Physical review in lab .
  2. Interconnectivity review in lab (in emulated environment).
  3. Data flow review in lab (offline examination).
  4. Code review (in automated, semi-automated and manuel manners).
  5. Port enumeration.
  6. IP vulnerabilities scanning.
  7. Enhanced code review (automated, semi-automated, manual) .
  8. Malicious code spotting in OS/ Software/ Firmware/ application.
  9. Compliance to AAA design.
  10. Penetration tests and attacks on systems in on-line\ offline environments

Certification Mode (for equipment vendors)

Network Equipment Certification Flowchart

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