New India Telecom Regulation


The Indian authorities have tightened their efforts to protect national security networks
and are pioneers in requiring a security audit for all Telecom Core Equipment (Hardware
and Software).

Altal's Role

Reacting immediately to the Indian Telecom market needs, Altal security actively operated
to share its methodologies and vast experience with the Indian market.
As officially published by the Department of Telecom (to hyperlink) in India, Altal Security is
authorized as a prominent vendor to perform the audit and provide a security certicate for
vendors and security clearance for Telecom Services Providers.
Altal is one of only a few worldwide information security companies with the clearance and capabilities to service security requirements for the second largest Telecom Industry in the world.
Altal security is collaborating with foreign vendors and large scale telecom companies
whose equipment is well deployed in the Indian telecom environment, to ensure smooth
integration for the new regulation requirements.


Audit Certication for network equipment

To be conducted on core equipment such as Routers, Switches, Firewall, IDS, IPS, Billing
systems, SMS systems, Operations systems, VOIP systems and the software associated with
all the Telecom operations and services.

Vendor Requirements

Obliged to pre-certify the equipment before implementing it in the Indian national network.

Operator Requirements

Obliged to certify existing network equipment, which has already been implemented in
In particular, the Department of Telecom has sought "Self Certication" from all licensed
operators to certify that the Telecom equipment purchased from foreign vendors is:

"Free from black boxes, malware, trapdoor and remote/hidden attacks through
computerized command and control and adequate steps and mechanisms for adequate security against any subversive activity by Licensed Telecom service
provider/manufacturer/vendors involved in the supply chain have been taken and are in place."

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