Partnerships and Alliances

Altal works in partnership with other niche information security companies and dynamically reacts to any challenges with the right human resources and relevant expertise. Our talented teams are capable of managing a variety of large-scale projects in both the public and private sectors.

YAHAV Cyber Solutions

YAHAV Cyber Solutions is an expert group providing a wide range of information security services based on particular expertise in three main fields: Telecom security, forensic security and investigations of Cyber threats. Yahav Cyber Solutions was founded by top Cyber security experts and embraces a holistic approach.

Comsec Consulting, for over two decades, has delivered cutting edge high-end comprehensive Information Security Consulting and Risk Management services to over 400 super-pleased customers, crossing five different continents, and all market sectors. Comsec has time and again been selected as the solution of choice for many enterprises whose success depends on information being transferred securely and safely over public and internal networks.

Flotila LTD

Flotila is a private based company, founded with the goal of providing excellent and efficient solutions in the IT world for all scales and sorts of service consumers. Flotila focuses on three major aspects in the IT world: products, solutions, and services.

GRSee Consulting

GRSee Consulting is led by a team of security experts with multi-faceted expertise and experience in all information security aspects. Founded by Ben Ben-Aderet and Iftach Shapira, GRSee Consulting is a unique boutique consultancy firm specializing in Payment Card Industry Standards, such as PCI DSS and PA DSS.

Doron Biran

Doron Biran is a Financial, SCADA and Military applications and networks expert who have acquired in-depth understanding of attackers' methodologies.

C4 Security

C4 is a provider of penetration tests services to Enterprise, Financial, SCADA and Military applications and networks. C4's specialty is attacking non-standard, critical and real-time applications without the need to interact with the software vendor.C4 personnel includes leading experts in the field of penetration testing and application security who have acquired in-depth understanding of attackers' methodologies.


Hacktics helps developers realize the seriousness of the risks posed by hackers, enlightens IT professionals about password hacking, bank hacking, distributed port scanning, and a variety of other security related issues. Hacktics continues to educate IT professionals on an ongoing basis.


AppSec is a dedicated application security organization, focusing on sharing our hands-on experience by providing cutting-edge training and consulting for the software development industry. Our courses, advanced web application penetration testing and secure coding practices are provided by experienced world renowned professionals whose mission is helping you write secure code.


Afarsec security consulting is a full service information security consulting company that helps businesses protect their valuable assets. We help our costumers achieve this goal by following a holistic view, which addresses both technological and human factors.


Defensia is an information security consulting company specializing in secure network architecture and risk assessments. Our team is comprised of professionals and not just hackers who assess real-world practical risks and advise on resourceful solutions.

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