ProActive Security

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There are several proactive tactics that all share some common principles: shifting the initiative from the criminal to the preventive force; gaining access to operational intelligence prior to the commitment of an attack; getting control at effective intervention points for preventive activity; and, attack-oriented prevention that is tailored to the patterns of a particular attack.

Few predominant proactive tactics in cybercrime policing can be identified:

  1. Operational and predictive intelligence.
  2. Undercover entrapments.
  3. Preventive architecture.
  4. Operational surveillance.
  5. Identity control.

The use of various tactics enables private/ public entities to adapt the appropriate tactic for each desired goal. Each tactic has its own pros and cons. Each is optimal for certain time spans, types of crime, or types of criminals. The tactics differ from each other in the relative degree of automation and the role for human discretion before taking action.

They further differ from each other in the optimal points in the network for their deployment, and in the entity that is best suited to implement them. Many of the tactics - such as, undercover entrapment or predictive intelligence - can be implemented by both private and public entities.

However, private and public entities may use them for different purposes and also in different form. There is a synergetic effect between the different tactics and the different operators of the tactics where they jointly create a multi-layered proactive system of policing.

Altal security provides its customers with variety of services understand the advantages and disadvantages of each tactic and its relevancy to customer's needs. Together with the customer, Altal will implement and configure on-the-shelf and designated technologies to proactively protect essential information assets of the entity to protect.

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