Altal Team

Senior Management

Jacky Altal Information Security Mentor, Founder

Specializing in ethical hacking and security architecture, Jacky provides information security consulting services to Altalsec clients. With decades of experience in the field, he continues to lead initiatives in e-commerce security research projects and focuses on vulnerability research with various networking protocols and web based application systems. Jacky has extensive experience with system administration, network architecture designing, software development, and enjoys a rich background in information security. Jacky performs numerous ethical hacking exercises for leading companies in the IT area. He is also a lecturer for Information Security at the Technion Institute of Science, Israel.

Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski Board Chairman, founder

Dr. Kozlovski is an international expert in telecommunications regulation and legal standards in the field of information security. Furthermore, he is a consultant, researcher and lecturer in the fields of technology, telecommunications, information security, cybercrime, proactive security, and electronic evidence. He has served as a consultant to various governmental bodies in Israel and around the world, namely the FBI, IDF, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Law.  As an active member of the international committee of computer crime and digital enforcement, he consulted the Ministry of Law in establishing authority on law and technology.

He received his doctor degree in law (J.S.D) from Yale Law School and conducted his Post-Doc research in computer science on proactive security. In the Israel Defense Forces, Dr. Kozlovski served as Captain in the Electronic Warfare unit.

Ido Shapira COO

Ido is responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s operational management.  His previous responsibilities include leading logistics managements for major organizations.  Ido received an LLB from the University of Haifa in the Law and Technology track.  In the IDF, Ido served as Captain (res.) in the intelligence unit.

Rebecca Mandel Marketing and PR Manager

Rebecca is responsible for AltalSec’s international marketing and communications strategy.   She advised a range of leading Israeli hi-tech and defense companies on how to increase their profile and penetrate into emerging foreign markets in Europe, Latin America, and Africa.  Rebecca received a BA in international relations from Hampshire College in the United States.

Strategic Board

Colonel (Res.) Daniel Rossene

Colonel Rossene is the former Director General of the Israel Ministry of Communications.  A leading figure in the Israeli telecommunications industry, Mr. Rossene is Founder & CEO of Bezeq International, Israel’s biggest telecommunications carrier.

Col. Rossene has years of extensive international experience in spearheading global communication projects.  His areas of expertise include telecommunications strategy, regulation, management, business operations, technology and engineering issues for governments, telecommunication operators, manufacturers and investor communities.

He served as V.P. of Business Development for Tadiran Telecommunications, a leading Israeli telecom vendor, and currently serves as Chairman of the group.  In addition, he is the chairman of the Institution of Israel Central IT Standardization Committee.  His responsibilities include regulating Israeli standardization in telecommunications, broadcasting and information technology. Colonel Rossene also serves as Chairman for the companies, Free Telecom Ltd. and Optiway Ltd.

B. General (Res.) Shlomo Wax

B. General Wax is the Current General Manager of the Israel Association of Electronics & Software and served as former Director General of the Israel Ministry of Communications.

He is deeply involved in Israel telecom companies’ initiatives around the world. Amongst other activities, he developed and managed the establishment of the first mobile network in Brazil.   His areas of expertise include leading industries in communications, electronics and computers worldwide.

Furthermore, B. General Wax initiated relations and collaboration with foreign armies, especially with the United States Military.  In the IDF, B. General Wax served as chief commander of the Israeli signal, telecommunications and information systems corps.

Colonel (Res.) Yariv Gafni

Colonel (Res.) Yariv Gafni is CEO at WIZ ART systems, a management and consulting company specializing in signal, telecommunications and information systems. He is deeply involved in the Israel telecom industry and has years of extensive experience with EW Programs, Systems Engineering, Simulation & Test Equipment R&D and System Operational Research of the EW Battlefield Systems.

Colonel Gafni served in the IDF as a Signal Corps Officer (EW Branch), where he holds the rank of Colonel. He holds a BA in Management and Sociology.

Dr. Elad Barkan

Dr. Barkan is an international expert in telecommunications network cryptology and GSM encryption. He holds a PhD degree from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and is a graduate of the "Technion Excellence Program".   While writing his thesis on Cryptanalysis of Ciphers and Protocol, Dr. Barkan was the first person in the world to Crack the GSM encryption.

Alon Berman

Mr. Berman brings with him more than 25 years of experience in the field of telecommunications. Mr. Berman was Vice President of Internet and Broadband at Orange Israel where he was responsible for setting up and heading the fixed communication services business unit. Prior to that, Mr. Berman was CTO and VP of Technology at Orange Israel, where he was responsible for all Network Engineering, Operations and IT activities.

Before joining the private sector, Mr. Berman served approximately 20 years in the Israeli Defense Force, reaching the rank of full Colonel, where he was responsible for developing telecommunications systems for the IDF ground forces. Mr. Berman holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, a M.Sc. in Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Israel and a MBA from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Dr. D.K. Ghosh

Dr. D.K. Ghosh is the Chairman & Managing Director of ZTE India Pvt. Ltd. Prior to this, he has held leadership roles in various prestigious Organizations like Philips, Siemens, Modis & Salora. He was the Director and Board Member for Siemens for many years.

Dr. Ghosh is a Graduate from IIT Kharagpur, holds an MBA from the University of Calcutta and PhD from Meerut. Dr. Ghosh is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (ETEI) and a senior member of the IEEE USA.

 Dr. Ghosh is associated with various Industry and Trade Associations in India. He has authored several publications on ICT and Rural upliftment including “Digital India” and “The Great Digital Transformation” which focuses on how telecommunication can create an economic, social and cultural synergy to break the age-old isolation of over six hundred thousand villages.

Kobi Hirsh Senior Information Security manager

Kobi brings with him more than 21 years of experience in the field of information security, system, networking and telecommunications. Kobi is Chief of Information Security at Orange Israel where he is responsible for information security of Cellular networks, IT, ISP and fixed line. Prior to that, Kobi was Director of security projects at Xpert trusted systems and manager of distributed systems at Israel electric company. Mr. Hirsh has extensive experience with developing of information security solutions, for the leading Israelis corporate (Telecommunications, Banking, Homeland security and private sectors), additionally with supporting Israelis start-up's in security products development. Mr. Hirsh holds a MA HRM from the Derby University

India Office

Avi Gutgold Country Manager

Mr. Avi Gutgold who has more than 17 years of experience in leading senior management positions, in sales & marketing and in leading big R&D projects . Before joining Altal, Mr. Gutgold founded JoinUs Technologies, in which he still serves a CEO. Before that, Mr. Gutgold was heading the overall sales of Nokia Siemens Networks in India and served as a member of NSN India executive management. Prior to this position Mr. Gutgold functioned as the head of sales for the Broadband Access division for Asia Pacific Region and served as a member of NSN APAC executive management. Prior to Nokia Siemens Networks , Mr. Gutgold was heading the sales of Siemens product house Seabridge for India and for Asia Pacific . Prior to Siemens, Mr. Gutgold was the India desk manager for ECI Telecom. Prior to ECI, Mr. Gutgold lead R&D projects during his military service.

Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger CISO

Professional Team

Uria Yarkoni Head of Legal Department

Uria is an Israeli IP Lawyer who specializes in Information Law.   Uria graduated the Tel Aviv University Law School with honors in 2008, and Tel Aviv University Computer Science School with honors in 2006.  After completing his training in Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co, One of the leading commercial law offices in Israel, Uria began legal counseling for Internet Laws Inc., and various related companies, including Altal Security.

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